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the last album felt more about being OPEN and asking questions. this current album, INCREASING SENSITIVITY TO THE EARTH, feels more like turning inward, attuning to the sensitive, still asking questions (and listening, listening), facing sadness and anger, grounding. as with the title of the album, the songs are asking to become in their own time, but once they are recorded, the live shows will be colorful! integrating music and movement (how fun, you say!)
here is the first track on the new album, which threads it to the last album—-both called “HOW DO WE STAY ALIVE?” 
as with the last album, i’m recording, mixing, and mastering at home, so it’s not too expensive, and it’s more my lo-fi, diy style. still, there are costs to print cd’s, so if anyone would like to donate to this endeavor, i would GREATLY appreciate it! (paypal to woolenlover@gmail.com or the “shop now” button on this facebook page) for any amount given, if you’d like an “increasing sensitivity to the earth” postcard, email me your address! (woolenlover@gmail.com)
much gratitude.

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