starting this April, in Winona, Minnesota, woolen lover will be hosting Laboratory!lab poster

i can’t wait to move with you!


up on my hill

hello lovelies.  check out my post on Patreon-


i talk a little bit about what i was up to in June.  & there’s a tiny video of some the sound i’m currently exploring (up on my hill).


i’m checking out a bit for july.  find me for one show at ed’s (no name) bar on july 20, though. please 🙂


& consider supporting me on Patreon if you please, as i create, write, move, sing, make sounds organize, and play.



woolen lover created a Patreon page, hooray!

beautiful complex world,

i have started a Patreon page. it’s sort of like npr membership/being a patron to support artistic endeavors in a sustainable way. it’s a little different than kickstarter, and kind of amazing.

i’ve never put money as a pressure on woolen lover success or goals, and i believe that has guided me to make choices from my heart, to make choices based on meaning, curiosity, and purpose.

i’ve started the Patreon page as a way of supporting this way of life i believe in. i want to pass my time in creativity- moving, sounding, gathering, making the world i dream is possible, and be supported financially in the current world we live in.

so, in advance, thank you for joining, even if you just look and care, thank you.

may you all thrive, too.