woolen lover blends organic found sounds with electronic sensibilities.  keeping it simple while also reaching for complexity, interest, the heart of the world.  through the limits and possibilities of the loop pedal, woolen lover layers words, sound, movement and meaning.

woolen lover is particularly interested in the intersection of music and movement, but really the intersection of everything they find meaningful. creating, doodling, natural buildings, poetry, depth of experience, queer existence, how we relate to each other, grounding, movement, making music, making music for movers, knowing the plants, respecting the land, directing the world toward peace and goodness…

woolen lover hopes to be part of so many movements that are creating beautiful Ways, connecting to wise old Ways too.

at live performances, woolen lover delights in sharing songs already written, but finds improvised experiences of looping, writing a song, and moving together some of the greatest parts of shows.

at home now in Winona, Minnesota, woolen lover was born in New York, shaped by Vermont, pulled by Minnesota, called by Utah and Indiana, before circling back to these bluffs and trees on the Mississippi.


come, let’s ride the wind.

dancing at the well

MC W is a creative collaboration between woolen lover & chloe ilene that exists in and out of time.

woolen lover is also michelle wiltgen

contact: woolenlover@gmail.com